Theme Selector

There is now a Theme Selector available for the Client, Staff Manager, and the Customization Manager.


  • Multiple skins available which correspond to common Windows-inspired styles:
    • Office 2016 Colorful (Default)
    • Office 2016 Dark
    • Office 2013 Dark Grey
    • Office 2016 Light Grey
    • Visual Studio 2013 Blue
    • Visual Studio 2013 Light
    • Windows 7 Classic
  • Skin changes in the Client can be persisted with the save layout feature.
  • Saved Skin Changes can be restored when logging in on a different workstation.
  • Saved Skin Changes in the client is persisted onto the Staff Manager and Customization Manager.
  • Skins can be selected and changed on the Staff Manager and Customization Manager but are not persisted past the session.
  • New "Select Skin" menus available On the Client, Staff Manager, and Customization Manager. Please see the steps below for instructions on selecting a skin.
    1. Click on the Client Menu                                                                                                                                            skin1.png
    2. Choose Select Skin                                                                                                                                                 skin2.png
    3. Click on the theme you wish to use (e.g. Office 2016 Dark)                                     skin3.png
These new skins are saved when Layouts are saved in the Client and persisted in the Database. To save the Client Layout, please see Saving Layout Customizations.


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