Opening Tabs as Separate Forms

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The OCLC, Pubmed/Docline and Z39.50 tabs on the Request form can be opened as separate forms, allowing you to view information on both forms at the same time and easily update the Request Form with information as needed. To pop out and view a tab as an individual form, click on the tab and drag it off of the Request form. Now, you can move and resize the form separate from the Request form. If you leave a form open when you close the Request form, ILLiad will retain the size and location settings and the form will appear as you left it when you reopen the Request form. You close a popped out form by clicking on the X (the Close button) in the top right corner of the form. In addition to the OCLC, Pubmed/Docline and Z39.5 forms on the Request form, you can also drag and pop out all Addon forms on the Request form, Main form, LenderAddress form and User Information form.

You can also double-click on a tab to open it as a form.


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