Adding Items to Shared Lists on the Web

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Adding a Shared List Item is a very similar process to adding a Reserve Item. There will be no tags, notes, or active/inactive dates. The user can specify a general supply method depending on the Reserve Item type. When viewing a Shared List, the user can click on a Shared List Item and view the details of that Item. If the Item is an upload or a web link the user can view the Item in their browser. From this page, users may also edit or delete the Shared List Item.

  1. To add an item to a Shared List, first click on the Shared List you want to add the item to.
  2. The Instructor Shared List Tools menu will display on the left.
  3. Click Add Shared List Reserve Items.
  4. To add a new Item to the Shared List, click the Item type then fill in the information and click Submit.
  5. To import an existing item to the Shared List from a course, click on the course from the table.
  6. Check the box next to the Item/s you want to import to the Shared List.
  7. Click Import Items.


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