Creating Shared Lists on the Web

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On the Ares web pages' main menu, there is a section called Shared List Tools. From here, Instructors and Full Proxies can create and manage Shared Lists.

  • Instructor type Shared Lists may only be managed by the Instructor the list references or their full proxies.
  • Department type Shared Lists may only be managed by users who belong to that department or their full proxies.
  • System type Shared Lists may be managed by anyone, although these are not visible to users on the default web pages.

Creating a New Shared List

  1. From the Ares main menu, click Create a New Shared List under the Shared List Tools section.
  2. Enter a name for the new Shared List.
  3. Click Create List.

Editing/Deleting Shared Lists

Clicking on a Shared List will show the List details as well as any Shared List Items in that List.

When viewing a List, the Edit Shared List link will be displayed in the Instructor Shared List Tools menu section. Clicking this link will allow the instructor to change the name of the Shared List. If the user is a fully proxy they may also change the instructor of the Shared List to another instructor for which they are a full proxy.

When deleting a Shared List, the user will be prompted to confirm. Fully Proxies may not delete the Shared List of another instructor, but they may delete their own Shared List if they are an instructor.


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