Applying Shared Lists to Courses

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In order for Items to be linked to Shared Lists, you will need to apply a Shared List to a specific Course. This will result in a Course Item being created for each of the Shared List's Items. The Course Items created in this way will have their CopyrightRequired and CopyrightObtained fields set based on the value of the RequireCopyrightCloneItems Customization key in the Ares Customization Manager. Removing a Shared List from a Course will prompt you to either delete the Items that were created from the Shared List's Items, or to only disassociate them– this will leave those Course Items in place, and will disassociate them from their related Shared List Item (by setting the Course Item's ListItemID field to null).

  1. Open the Course that you want to apply a Shared List to.
  2. Click on the Course Items tab.
  3. Click Add Shared List.
  4. Enter the List ID or other search terms in the Search box, and click the Search icon.
  5. Select the Shared List to apply to the Course and double-click.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You can also remove a Shared List from the course by clicking Remove Shared List.


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