Troubleshooting Email

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Email templates are created and accessed in the Customization Manager and housed in the EmailTemplates table of the database. Email is sent by the System Manager, which sends out all pending emails that are in the Ares system every two minutes. The Outgoing Email button, located on the System ribbon on the Home form, allows the Reserves staff a window into email activity via the Outgoing Email form. This form is the place to view and manage failed and pending email messages. The Outgoing Email form can also be accessed by clicking the Pending Emails or Failed Emails links in the System group of the Home form.

Processing Pending Emails

Use the Cancel Email option to cancel a selected email and remove it from the Ares database. Emails that are sent and fail will return to the Failed Messages tab for further processing.

Processing Failed Emails

Using the Outgoing Email form, emails that fail to send can be re-sent individually or as a batch. They can also be cancelled (removed from the Aeon database table and not sent). Resending an email gives staff the option to edit parameters such as an incorrect address or to change the wording in the email template body. The top of the screen contains a grid of all Failed emails. The bottom half of the screen displays the details of the email you select by clicking on it. Failed emails display an explanation of the failure in the Note column of the grid (e.g. if there was a system error).

Actions available on the Failed Messages tab include:

  • Cancel: Cancels selected email(s) and removes the email from the database.
  • Resend Email: Selected email(s) moves to the Pending Messages tab to be processed by the System Manager. If you need to edit an email select that email individually to view and edit the email in the panel below the grid.
  • Resend All Emails: Moves all emails from the Failed Messages tab to the Pending Messages tab to be processed by the System Manager.

Reviewing Emails in the Item Form

You can view the status of all emails that have been sent for a transaction in the Item form on the Email History Pane of the History tab.


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