Implementing Automatic Clearance Email Notifications

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Starting with Ares 4.6, you can send automatic notifications to patrons after they register if you are using the automatic clearance options. This feature was previously only available when clearing users manually. To implement this feature, you will need to set some customization keys and create a new email template.

This email will be sent automatically only to those who use the NewAuthRegistration.html page for registration.

Here is how Ares is handling the auto-clearance emails:

  • If an AutoClearUser template exists, the user will receive an email to indicate that they have been cleared through Ares. The system will first check if AutoClearUser-<status name> exists before reverting to "AutoClearUser". If neither template is found, the email will not be sent. It is possible to only enable this for specific statuses by only adding the AutoClearUser-<status> template.
  • When the user is created from the web service or basic LTI, the email will be sent when the user's cleared value is set to Yes.This can happen because UserValidation is already set to Yes or because AutoClearPreregisteredUsers is enabled.
  • In the DLL, the email will be skipped if the user's cleared value is preset to Yes. In the DLL the email is generated after the user submits the NewAuthRegistration page so the cleared value should be left blank to allow this functionality to work in the DLL. Sites can user the AutoClearStatuses to allow the user to be auto cleared after submitting the new auth registration page and sending the email.

Customization Keys

One of following values in the Ares Customization Manager is required for automatic clearance email functionality. These keys are set as part of the User Clearance configuration and depend on the type of registration method you use adding patron records to Ares.

AutoClearStatuses Via user registration form submission in Ares web
AutoClearPreregisteredUsers Via web service–Basic LTI or other Course Management System building block

Creating the Notification Template

In order to implement automatic clearance email notifications, you will need to create a new email template in the Ares Customization Manager.

  1. In the Ares Customization Manager, click the Email Templates tab.
  2. From the Edit button, select and open ClearUser template.
  3. Select the Copy button from the Email ribbon.
  4. Rename the template to AutoClearUser.
  5. Edit text message as necessary.
  6. Save the template.

See Creating Email Templates for more details on working with email templates.

Status-Specific Templates

To create a different template for Faculty members or for another patron status, follow the process above but rename the template to AutoClearUser-Faculty or AutoClearUser-[Status] for other patrons statuses.

See Creating Status-Specific Emails for more information.


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