Ares Default Email Templates

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Email Templates are used in Ares to communicate with patrons and others for situations that occur frequently, such as clearing new users. Ares includes several default System Email Templates, and the staff is also able to create custom email templates. All email templates are classified into one of four types: System, Item, Item Subscription or User. The template type determines which Ares fields are available to auto-populate in the email. 



Default Templates


Used for password reset emails



Used for email routing, item cancellations,
routing items to acquisitions and
requesting copyright permissions.


Item Subscription

Used for users subscribing to course



Used for clearing and disavowing emails


System Email Templates

Ares contains eight default system templates which are used to send notifications of various types to Reserves users and staff. System Templates are sent automatically by the system in different situations. These templates cannot be deleted.

You can view and edit the system templates in the Ares Customization Manager by clicking the Email Templates tab, then click Edit. A list of the templates will display.

ClearUser This template is used when clearing users who do not have instructor privileges. It is sent to users who are not specified as Faculty.
ClearUser-Faculty This template is used when clearing users and is used specifically for faculty members to notify them that they can add courses and reserves items.
CopyrightPermissions This template is used for requesting copyright permissions from a rightsholder.
DisavowUser This template is used to notify users that they have been disavowed and cannot use the Ares system.
ForgotPassword When the user clicks the Forget Your Password? link on the Ares website logon screen, this template provides the user with the appropriate information for resetting the password.
ItemCancellation This template is used during the item cancellation process. The Reason for Cancellation that is chosen by the Reserves staff is included by default.
ItemSubscription This template is used when the user has signed up for Course Email Subscriptions. When a new item is posted to a course, the email and notification are sent.
RouteToAcquistions This is the template to use if you choose the option to send email to notify the Acquisitions Department of purchase orders. A default Acquisitions Department email address can be set using the AcqAdvisementEmail key.

The Email From Address and Email From Name are configured in the System | Email section of the Customization Manager. See Configuring Email Settings for more information.

Additional Templates

The following templates are not added by default but can be added if you are clearing your users automatically. These templates must be added manually. This email will be sent automatically only to those who use the NewAuthRegistration.html page for registration. See Implementing Automatic Clearance Email Notifications for more information.

AutoClearUser This template is used for those who do not have instructor privileges when using automatic clearance for users. It is sent to users who are not specified as Faculty.
AutoClearUser-Faculty This template is used when using automatic clearance and is designated specifically for faculty members in order to notify them that they can add courses and reserves items.


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