Adding Email Routing Rules

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Email routing allows you to use email templates in Ares to standardize communications between Reserves staff and Ares users while simultaneously routing Items to the appropriate status. The email templates used in Email Routing are created under the Email Templates tab in the Ares Customization Manager. Email Routing is configured using the EmailRouting table located under System | General in the Ares Customization Manager.

In order for the Email Routing feature to work, the EmailRouting table record must include a name for the Email Routing rule, the email template to be used, and the status you want to Item to be routed to when the email is sent.

  1. In the Ares Customization Manager, navigate to System | Email | EmailRouting.
  2. To create a new email routing value, click New Record.
  3. Fill in the fields and click Save.

    ERoutingName The name of the new email routing rule. This will show in the
    dropdown menu of the Email button in the client.
    Email Template The email template to use with the email routing rule.
    Default Status The status that you want the item to route to when the email
    is sent.

  4. The email routing rule has been created, and it will now display in the Ares client. If the Ares Client was open during the creation of the email routing rule, restart it.



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