Exporting the Staff User List

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The Ares Staff Manager allows you to export the staff user list in the following formats: xls (Excel spreadsheet), HTML, or txt (text file).

  1. In the Ares Staff Manager, click Export User List.
  2. Select the export type (xls, HTML, text).
  3. A Save dialog will appear. Find the location you want to save the exported file to.
  4. Type a file name for the exported list. The default name is AresStaffUsers_YYYY_MM_DD.ext, where YYYY, MM, and DD are the current year, month and date, and ext is the extension for the selected export type.
  5. Click Save.
  6. After saving the file, a dialog will appear and ask if you want to view the saved file. Click Yes to view the file, or No to close the form and return to the Ares Staff Manager.


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