Changing Staff Permissions

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You allow your staff users access to Ares components by setting their access permissions in the Permissions section of the staff manager. Access permissions need to be set for the client, the customization manager, and the staff manager.

  1. Check the box beside the components you want your users to be able to access.
  2. If you give a user permission to access the client, you should choose whether to allow them to customize form layout or manage Ares addons.
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes to the User Details and Permissions sections of the form.

User Permissions


Client Access

Can Customize Layouts

Can Manage Addons

Customization Manager

Customization Manager Access

Staff Manager

Staff Manager Access


Modifying Staff User Details and Permissions

Modifying staff user details and permissions uses basically the same procedure as setting user details and permissions.

To modify user information, description or permissions:

  1. Select the user to edit from the User Grid.
  2. Current User Details and Permissions settings for the user display on the right-hand side of the form.
  3. Modify the information and click Save to save the changes.

Copying Staff User Permissions

You can copy permissions from one staff user to another staff user with the Copy Permissions button. This duplicates all of a staff user's client, customization manager and staff manager permission settings to the selected user.

To copy user permissions:

  1. From the User grid, select the staff user to copy permissions FROM and click the Copy Permissions button on the Home ribbon.
  2. The Copy Permissions popup form opens with the user you selected in the Copy From field of the form.
  3. Using the drop-down arrow in the Copy To field of the form, select the staff user to receive the duplicate permissions.
  4. Click Copy Permissions to save your selections.
  5. Select the staff user in the User grid to display the copied permissions in the Permissions section of the form.


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