The Item in Processing Queue

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The Item In Processing virtual queue prevents staff users from opening and modifying the same item. When an item is opened for processing by reserves staff, it is placed in the virtual queue and flagged with the status Item in Processing. You can see that the item is flagged with this status by looking at the Remove Flag button drop-down in the Item form and by looking in the Item In Processing queue on the dashboard. Items that are open for processing are highlighted in blue in the item's actual queue, for instance, Awaiting Reserves Processing. Ares will not allow the item to be opened. Attempting to open the item when it is flagged results in a popup message explaining that the item is being processed by another user. Ares prevents items in processing from being opened even if the item list is not up to date and the item is not highlighted in blue. If you try to open an item in processing that is not highlighted, you will be informed that the item is being processed. The item list will be refreshed and all items in processing will be highlighted. 

You can change the default highlight color using the Options feature under the Ares icon.

Status Queues Monitored by the Item In Processing Virtual Queue

Items in the following status queues are flagged when opened by a staff user:

  • Awaiting Reserves Processing
  • Awaiting File Type Resolution
  • Awaiting Review by Staff
  • In Recall Processing
  • Item Activation Pending


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