Routing Items to Acquisitions

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Staff can use the Route to Acquisitions button on the Item form to simultaneously send an acquisition request via email and route the item to Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment. Clicking the Route to Acquisitions button displays the default Route to Acquisitions email template, pre-populated with the recipient's email address and available fields from the Item form. If the Change Status on Send toggle button is toggled ON, Ares automatically routes the item to Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment (the default status specified in the EmailRouting table) when the email is sent. The sent email is recorded in the item's History tab.

To route an item to Acquisitions:

  1. On the Item form, click the Route button.
  2. Select Route to Acquisitions from the list.
  3. An Edit Email form will open and display the RouteToAcquisitions email template.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the fields and email text.
  5. If you want the Item to automatically route to Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment, make sure the Change Status on Send button is selected.
  6. Click Send.
  7. The email will be sent, and the status of the Item (if set to change) will change to Awaiting Acquisitions Fulfillment.

Acquisitions Email

The email form must have a value in the To field before it can be sent. If the field is left blank, an error message displays reminding you that an email address is required, and the Edit Email form reopens.

Email Templates

The RouteToAcquisitions default email template is the template used to send email notifications to the Acquisitions Department about purchase orders. You may want to set this template to a default Acquisitions Department email address so the staff users do not have to type one in each time they use it.

Email Routing Entries

The email routing entry for the Route to Acquisitions button is configured in the EmailRouting table in the Ares Customization Manager. The email routing entry specifies the template to use for the email and the default status queue that the item should move to when the email is sent.

Customization Keys

The From values (not on the email template but visible in Email History) are populated from the ReservesContact and ReservesEmailAddress keys, found in the System | Contact Info section of the Ares Customization Manager.
AcqAdvisementEmail The acquisitions department email address, displayed in the To field, is pre-populated using the AcqAdvisementEmail key found in the System | General section of the Ares Customization Manager.
ReviewAcqAdviseEmail You can choose to send the acquisitions email automatically, without reviewing it first, by setting the ReviewAcqAdviseEmail key, found in the System | General section of the Ares Customization Manager, to No.

Use the Awaiting Acquisitions Notification queue to hold reserve requests that you want to send to Acquisitions at a future date.


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