Routing Rule to Identify Incomplete Web Submissions

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We received an Ares UserVoice submission that requested a distinction be made between items that are created by instructors with a "will supply" status and instructor uploads that fail or are exited without actually uploading the material. Ares' default behavior results with these incomplete uploads moving to an Awaiting Supply by Instructor status, since the instructor still needs to provide a document. If you'd prefer these are moved to a different queue, it can easily be accomplished with a routing rule. Here's an example of one you might use.

New Routing Rule

Rule ID 1
Active True (checked)
Status Awaiting Supply by Instructor
Match i.InstructorProvided = 1 AND i.DigitalItem = 1 AND i.AresDocument = 1 AND ISNULL(i.Location,'')=''
New Status Instructor Upload Missing
Description This rule reroutes web-initiated file uploads that are never completed - KAK 9/24/2020


  • Rule ID: This is a unique number and indicates the order in which routing rules are applied.
  • Active: The box is checked to indicate it is active.
  • Status: The status we want the items to be moved from is Awaiting Supply by Instructor.
  • Match: Written out, this query filter indicates that the instructor must have indicated that he/she was planning on providing the item's content, the content is digital, the content should be a file located on the Ares server, and the Location field is blank or NULL (empty). In other words, an instructor indicated that a digital file should be uploaded and attached to this citation, but no there is no file name present that would enable the item record to locate the digital content on the Ares web server. Also note that this "match string" only references fields in the Items table, which is why all fields are prefixed by the letter i, followed by a period. You can adjust this to reference other tables and add/remove additional match requirements.
  • New Status: The resulting queue for matched item records. This queue does not have to exist in the CustomQueues table to move an item, but you'll need to add the entry to that table if you also want to be able to manually route items to this queue from the Staff Client.
  • Description: It's always helpful to leave a trail for others to understand what you were trying to accomplish. It is a best practice to also include your initials and the date, in case any issues arise or changes need to be made.

This same sort of logic can be used to help identify other outliers or records that might have been unintentionally assigned incorrect details or to a queue that doesn't support your desired workflow.


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