The Local Info Table

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The LocalInfo Table houses the contact information for your site. You can use these fields on your print and email templates. The LocalInfo table can be found in Customization Manager under Contact information | Contacts.

Field Name Sample Value
Type Default
System Name Aeon
System URL
Institution Name Aeon University
Library Name Aeon Library
General Contact Name Aeon Contact
General Phone 555-555-5555
General EMail Address
General Address1 123 Address
General Address2 Special Collections
General City Aeon City
General State VA
General Zip 12345
General Fax 555-555-5555
General Hours 8-5
General Country USA
As of version 5.0, Aeon now has the ability for site-specific LocalInfo entries that would populate email and print templates. 
This is done by creating additional entries within the LocalInfo table in the Customization Manager.  By naming the 'Type' field for a new row the same as the corresponding Site in which to replace the default LocalInfo, transaction email templates and printing within Aeon Desktop Client will now substitute the default information with the newly implemented row for all transactions within the specified site.
This includes:
  • All default and custom email templates of the Transaction Category.
  • Printing Callslips for one or more transactions.
  • Printing one or more transactions.
  • Printing Digitization Requests.
  • Printing Invoices, including billing information.
Don't delete the Type "Default" Row within the LocalInfo Table. This will act as a fallback during the circumstances where the LocalInfo row has not been specified for a particular site. Deleting the Default field may result in system instability proving LocalInfo for email templates and printing.
When someone logs in using a different DBC other than the default, the email template will automatically populate with the information from the Localinfo row. See the example below.



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