Aeon Default Print Templates

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There are six default Word templates included with Aeon. The Word template used in a particular print process is specified in the Aeon Customization Manager under System | General. When you print using a document template, the template will merge with one of three Excel output data files/data source. These data files contain fields from the AeonData database tables. All Word templates are stored in the C:\Program Files\Aeon\Print\ directory, as specified by the PrintDocumentsPath key. If this key is blank, Aeon will search for the templates on your local workstation. The Excel data files are stored on the logged on user's My Documents folder in the Aeon\Print\ directory by default.

PrintCallslip.docxFilename of the Print Callslip template document
PrintDigitizationRequest.docxFilename of the Print Digitization Request template document
PrintInvoice.docxFilename of the Print Invoice template document
PrintInvoiceStatement.docxFilename of the Print Invoice Statement template document
PrintRequest.docxFilename of the Print Request template document
PrintUser.docxFilename of the Print User template document

Data Sources and Customization Keys

Word TemplateExcel Data SourceCustomization Key


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