Working with Grids

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Grouping and Sorting by Queue

Another handy function is the ability to group grids by columns other than the default column. You can also sort the information in the column in ascending or descending order, and filter the information shown in the column.

  • Group the Grid by Column: To group a grid by a column, simply click and drag the columns in the order you choose.
  • Sort the Column Contents: Click the column header or the up/down arrow to switch the column contents between ascending and descending order.
  • Filter the Column Contents: Click the Sort icon located on the upper right corner of the column header (it looks like a thumbtack) and select the filter you want to use.

Each Request queue (state) on the ILLiad home page opens to display the requests in a grid. Staff can customize the layout of grid headings and values by moving or renaming columns and arranging value orders to suit individual needs and preferences. The customizations are stored in the database for each staff user.

Exporting Values from Grids

You can export data from most grids in the Requests group by right-clicking on any column header and choosing Export from the menu. You can export data in Excel, PDF, HTML or TXT type.

The exported file retains the column ordering and grouping of the data.



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