Electronic Delivery Form

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To get to the Electronic Delivery processing screen in the ILLiad client, click the Electronic Delivery button on the Borrowing ribbon (or click the lower half of the Electronic Delivery button and choose Process Electronic Delivery). The Electronic Delivery processing form will appear.

Electronic Delivery Processing Queues

The left side of the form is where the Electronic Delivery articles move through the various Electronic Delivery processing queues once they are imported. The four available queues are No ILL Number Match, No Ariel Lender Match, Review, and Print. The system will automatically attempt to match imported articles to ILL numbers, and Ariel IP addresses, and will move the articles as far as possible down the queue list to either Review or Print. 

ILLiad Transaction Information

The upper right section of the form, labeled Request Information, is where the ILLiad transaction information, including any notes attached to the record, is shown for a selected article. This section will be blank until an article is selected and matched to a transaction number.

Image Manipulation

The document area in the bottom right of the form is where you can review the article and make any necessary changes (cropping, rotating pages, etc.) before posting it to the web. This section will be blank until an article is selected.

Symptoms: The Electronic Delivery Processing option in the Borrowing Ribbon is grayed out.

Cause: The c:\illiad\elecdel\ folder does not exist on the client machine.

Resolution: Create a folder called "elecdel" in c:\illiad on the client machine. Note that you only want to make this folder on machines that will be processing incoming electronic delivery items to avoid files being downloaded to the wrong machine.


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