Unmediated Local Request Processing

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Unmediated local processing allows Local requests with a lending string already defined and a System ID of LOCL to be sent via the ILLiad System Manager to the Lending site without intervention.

The ILLiad System Manager will look for Borrowing requests in the Awaiting Local Sending queue once every minute. Each request found in the Awaiting Local Sending queue containing a valid lending string with one or more local site codes will be processed. The remainder of the process is the same as when the request is sent manually using the Request Sent button.

The Awaiting Local Sending queue is a custom queue that you will need to create in order to use unmediated local request processing as this is the queue the system manager looks for when processing unmediated local requests. See Creating Custom Queues for instructions on creating a new queue.

If the request cannot be routed to a local lender due to an incorrect lender string or other error, a system note with the error message will be added to the Borrowing request and the request will be routed back to Awaiting Request Processing with its Lender set to LOCL to ensure it is not rerouted using a routing rule. To get the most from this feature, the request should be entered using data from OpenURL or later tweaked using system addons to ensure a local lender string is set for the request. The request can then be automatically routed to Awaiting Local Sending using a routing rule.


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