Saving Custom Search Queries

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Due to changes made to the formatting of the .irrp, .iurp, and .ilrp files used in custom searching, saved custom searches created in earlier versions of ILLiad are not compatible with ILLiad version 8.3 or higher. If you want to use saved searches created in earlier versions, you will need to recreate those search files in ILLiad. Opening the saved .irrp, .iurp, or .ilrp file in a text (.txt) program such as WordPad or Notepad allows you to view the search parameters that were used to create the original saved search.

ILLiad saves custom search queries with the following file extensions:

  • Custom Request Search: .irrp
  • Custom User Search: .iurp
  • Custom Lender Search: .ilrp

Local custom searches default to a Searches folder that lives under the currently logged in user's My Documents folder (My Documents\ILLiad\Searches). The client Search and Load dropdowns are auto-populated with searches saved to this location. If you have saved searches to other locations you will need to manually move them to this folder in order to access them using the Save and Load dropdowns.


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