Searching with the Request Search

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Request searches can also be performed using the Request Search form. This search allows you to conduct a more detailed and filtered search than the default search.

  1. To open Request Searching, click on the small arrow under the Search button and select Request Search.
  2. From the Requests ribbon, select the modules you want to search in (Borrowing, Document Delivery, Lending).
  3. Select any request type limits to specifically include or exclude (Active, Checked Out, Cancelled, Finished).
  4. Enter request, library, or patron information into one or more blank fields.
  5. Click Search or hit the enter key to search.
  6. Search results will display in a grid under the search form. If there is only one result, the Request form will automatically open that result.
  7. If there are no results or if you want to refine your search, simply re-enter new search criteria. 


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