Lending Stacks Searching

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Updating Stacks Search Results

Note that you can also click on the Lending In Stacks Searching queue to bring up this form.

  1. From the ILLiad main screen, click on the Lending Ribbon then click Update Stacks Search Results.
  2. Locate the transaction record. You can do this by scanning the barcode from the printed pull slip/label or by manually typing in the Transaction number or other citation information in the search fields.
  3. Click the Search button. The record will display below. If more than one record appears, select the appropriate record by double-clicking on it.
  4. Verify that the information in the Details section matches the item.
  5. Check the OCLC Status. If the OCLC Status is anything other than CONSIDERING or CONDITIONS_ACCEPTED, the status will be highlighted. You can use this information to determine if the requested item is still needed by the Borrower, or if the request has moved on to another potential Lender.
  6. A Due Date will appear by default, but you can modify this date if needed.
  7. Once you have verified the information is correct and you are ready to lend the item, click Mark Found.

By default, your search in this window will be limited to requests that are in the In Stacks Searching queue. This limit is active when the In Stacks Searching Only button is orange (rather than blue). You can deactivate the limit by clicking the button. However, the OCLC status will only be updated when the request is in the In Stacks Searching status.

Marking Items as Found

Marking the Item as Found tells the system that the item has been found and will be provided to the requesting institution. If the request is an OCLC request when you click Mark Found the request is immediately updated as Shipped. When the item goes to a status of Item Shipped, it is effectively checked out to the requesting institution in ILLiad. If you open the request in any queue other than Awaiting Lending Request Processing or In Stacks Searching, the Mark Found update will route the request to the Awaiting Secondary Label Printing queue and the OCLC status will not be updated to Shipped.

You will probably want to check out the item in your local OPAC as well. This need not be to a specific institution, as ILLiad already contains that information. Checking out to a generic "ILL Office" or similar "patron" will suffice. If you choose to do this, you may insert this step wherever it makes the most sense in your institution's ILL process.

If you are using NCIP and have developed addon functionality to communicate with your catalog, the Mark Found button is used to check out the loan item from your local OPAC. For example, when the item is checked out in ILLiad, the addon can also check it out to the lending library or a generic ILL account if that information is not specified. It can look up the record by any field in the transaction but typically uses the value in the Item Number field as the barcode. When the loan is checked back in from the borrowing library, an addon can check the item back into the local catalog.

If you need to remove an OCLC requested item from the Shipped status, you can 'undo' the shipped message before 11:59 pm of that day, up until the borrowing library marks the request as received. Once an item has been marked as received you cannot use the Undo Shipped feature. To undo the shipped message, click the Undo Shipped icon located on the OCLC ribbon of the Request form. This returns the OCLC status to CONSIDERING. Undo Shipped is not allowed when there are IFM billing charges associated with the request.  Any refunds of IFM payments must be handled through OCLC directly.

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