Searching Requests: Importing Call Number and Location in Lending Requests

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Call number and Location information are captured for you automatically when a record is chosen in the form. No additional action is required to capture this information.

Using the Z39.50 Search Form

Once the record has been chosen, click the Detail tab to return to the Lending Request Form. Verify that the Call Number and Location Information was imported into the form.

Z39.50 is the only automated capture and import of call number and locations in ILLiad. The web page and Passport for Windows macros have been retired.

Location is in the Main Library

If the requested item is located in your main library, choose Finished Searching on the Lending Processing ribbon of the Request Form. This will change the status of the item to Awaiting Stacks Searching and remove it from your search queue.

After Finishing or Routing the Request

Once you have selected Finished Searching or routed the request to an appropriate status, ILLiad will return you to the Search Requests list. Select another request and repeat the process. Call Number searching is intended to be done as a batch process. This allows you to search all call numbers before printing pull slips for searching the stacks. Once the Awaiting Lending Request Processing queue and all custom search queues are emptied, or once you decide that you have searched an appropriate number to warrant stacks searching, the requests can be printed for item retrieval.


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