Changing Request Type

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The LenderRequestType field has been added starting in ILLiad 8.5. This allows a lender to change a request type before updating to Shipped (e.g. if a lender decides to fulfill an article request as a loan), and this change will register on the Borrowing side and the request type will be switched.

Changing the Request Type (Lending)

If the Lender decides to send an item type that was not originally requested (for example, sending a PDF copy instead of a hard copy book), they can change the type in ILLiad and this will also be updated for the Borrower.

  1. Open the request that you want to change.
  2. Change the Request Type from Article to Loan or from Loan to Article by clicking the radio button of the type.
  3. Change the Doc Type to match the new Article or Loan item.
    • For example, in the image below, the Doc Type should be changed from Book to Article to match the radio button.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Process the request as normal. 
  6. The LenderRequestType field will be changed, and when the request is marked as Shipped, the type will be changed on the Borrowing side.

The Borrower View

After a Lender changes the Request Type, once the request changes to the status of Shipped the Connection Manager will look at the Lender Request Type and the Borrower Request Type. If the two types are different, the Request Type will be changed on the Borrowing side to the type specified by the Lender. In addition, an entry will be made in the History table that will say "Request Type updated due to OCLC Lender Request Type."



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