Customization Manager Views

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Explorer View

You can browse the different customization options using the Explorer Window on the left of the Customization Manager. The Customization Manager allows you to edit both ILLiad Customization Keys as well as Customization Tables. You can see which type of value it is by the icon next to it. The Explorer View displays the Customization Manager for the keys and tables arranged by function, for example: Web Interface | OpenURL | OpenURLAllowCookies. You can increase and decrease the size of the Explorer View by clicking and dragging the bottom frame.

Key View

The Key Window on the right side of the ILLiad Customization Manager allows you to edit customization keys within the database. You can view the current key value under Key Value and a description of what the key does under Description. If you want to change the key value, make the change and click the Save button.

Table View

The Table View of the ILLiad Customization Manager allows you to edit customization tables within the database. Many of the tables are larger than the display. You can scroll to the right, as well as up and down, using the scroll bars provided. If you want to change table values, double-click the item to be changed in the table window in the center of the form. The Edit Row window will open in the bottom of the form, filled out with the information specific to the chosen line of the table. Make the changes to the table entry and click the Save button to save the change. Repeat with other table entries as needed. You also have the option of adding new records by creating them (New Record button) or copying them from another record and changing the necessary information (Copy Record button). You can also delete entries using the Delete button. These buttons are located at the bottom right of the form.


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