Setting up ILLiad to Use a Courier Service for Shipping

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To set up ILLiad and the ILLiad Shipping Label documents to use a courier service for shipping purposes. This just involves setting up each courier service that you wish to use as one of your institution's shipping options and then set up the documents to filter in order to display the correct transactions in each document for printing. Once set up, your system would then automatically print the normal ILLiad shipping labels for those transactions that require them, as well as any special courier-specific labels for those items that should be shipped using this method.

Priority Shipping (If No ILLiad-Generated Shipping Label is Required)

For courier services that use a proprietary system to generate shipping labels, for example, FedEx or for any courier services that require the use of certain pre-printed shipping labels, you can set up the ILLiad shipping label documents to exclude applicable transactions based on the Priority Shipping setting attached to them. This is a two-step process involving marking transactions as Priority Shipping and setting up a filter on the document(s) to be used.

Marking Transactions

To mark items as Priority Shipping based on the Institution to which the item is being shipped, you would check the Priority Shipping checkbox in the Lender Address form for that institution. As new requests come in for institutions so marked, the transaction record for those transactions will be marked Priority Shipping. To mark individual transactions as Priority Shipping on an as-needed basis, this can be done by checking the Priority Shipping checkbox on the Request Form for each transaction during processing.

Setting up the Filter

The filter on the shipping label documents would typically be based on the PriorityShipping value in the Transactions table (recommended), using Transactions_PriorityShipping. Instead use the PriorityShipping value in the LenderAddresses(ALL) table, using LenderAddresses_PriorityShipping. In this case, the LenderAddresses(ALL) PriorityShipping value would override the value in the Transactions table. This filter would be set up so that the transaction would only print if the referenced PriorityShipping value does not equal Yes.


To add a shipping option like a courier service to your system, you must make an entry in the BillingShippingFees table. This is done in the Customization Manager under System Billing | Setup.

While this table is indeed a Billing setup table, you do not need to bill to be able to add shipping options. Options set up here will display in the client regardless of whether your institution has the Billing functions enabled.

Each entry should contain the ProcessType (examples: Borrowing, Lending, Doc Del), the ShippingMethod being set up (examples: FedEx, Wheels, MORE, LAND, Courier, etc.), and an Amount. If you are not billing, or if there is no additional charge to be applied for the shipping option, set the amount value to 0. Once the shipping option exists in the Customization Manager, it will show in the ILLiad Client the next time an applicable transaction is opened.

Specifying Shipping Preference

There are two ways to specify your shipping preference:

Automatically: Setting the Default Shipping Preference on the Lender Address Records

The Shipping preference can be set on the Lender Address form for any institution record. The Default Shipping Article and Default Shipping Loan fields appear in the Shipping Information section of the Lender Information tab of the form. The chosen preference will be applied to individual transactions as they come into the system.

Manually: Specifying Shipping Method During Processing

To set the Shipping Method for individual transactions during processing on an as-needed basis, this can be done on the Request form by selecting the shipping method option from the Shipping Options drop-down and saving changes to the transaction.

Create the Courier Service Label Document

Use the instructions earlier in this chapter in the section entitled Creating a New ILLiad Print Document to create a label document suitable for the Courier Service you wish to use. Be sure to place the new document file(s) in the same location as the other print documents being used in your system. This is typically on the local client machine in the c:\Program Files (x86)\ILLiad\Print\ folder.

Set Up Filters

Use the instructions earlier in this chapter in the section entitled Sorting and Filtering Print Documents to set up each of the applicable shipping label documents so that they print only the transactions. When complete, all shipping label documents will use the same data files, but each will print only those transactions appropriate to the specified shipping option.


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