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The library address that prints out on various templates is pulled from the ShippingAddress table (OCLC constant data) instead of the LenderAddress table like in earlier versions of ILLiad. This change will help to prevent items from being shipped to the wrong address.

Print Templates Affected

  • Borrowing Receives
  • Borrowing Returns
  • Lending Stacks Searching
  • Lending Rapid Stacks Searching
  • Lending Shipping
  • Lending Secondary Label Printing
  • Lending Overdues
  • Print Request

Borrowing Receives

Template Data File
BorrowingLoanLabels.doc Loan.xlsx
BorrowingLoanSlips.doc Loan.xlsx
BorrowingArticleLabels.doc Article.xlsx

Borrowing Returns 

Template Data File
BorrowingReturnSlips.doc ReturnsP.xlsx
BorrowingReturnAddressLabels.doc ReturnsL.xlsx


Lending Stacks Searching/Secondary Label Printing











Lending Shipping

LendingLoanShippingLabels.doc ShpStkL.xlsx
LendingArticleShippingLabels.doc ShpStkP.xlsx


Lending Overdues

LendingOverdueLetter1.doc LOver1.xlsx
LendingOverdueLetter2.doc LOver2.xlsx
LendingOverdueLetter3.doc LOver3.xlsx
LendingOverdueReminderLetter.doc LOverReminder.xlsx


Print Request 

PrintRequest.doc PrintRequest.xls
LendingPrintRequest.doc LPrinted.xls


Overriding the OCLC Constant Data Address

If you want certain fields to be pulled in from the Lender Addresses table either in addition to or in place of the Shipping Addresses fields, you can use the following instructions.

To add a field or fields from the LenderAddresses table:

  1. Open the Word print template.
  2. Click Insert Merge Field and add the field you want. There are five options: LA_LibraryName, LA_Address1, LA_Address2, LA_Address3, and LA_Address4.
  3. Save your template.

You can replace the existing LenderAddresses_LibraryName, etc. fields, or you can add an LA field to your template in addition to the ShippingAddresses fields. For example, if you use the Lender Address 4 field for a courier code or other information, you can simply add LA_Address4 to your template.


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