Quick User Switching

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Staff users can quickly switch between logged-in usernames without having to close the client. The Remember Me option is not available when logging in via quick user switching.

This feature works well for machines that may be shared workstations as it allows you to accurately track each staff member's processing tasks. Switching between users eliminates the need to open multiple clients or using generic "student" or "staff" usernames.

  1. Click on the Ares Icon at the top left of the Home form to open the menu.
  2. Under Recent Staff, select Login As to open the Logon Form and switch to a different user.
  3. Enter the Password in the Logon form, change the processing site if applicable, and click OK to log into the client.

In the Ares Customization Manager, the RequirePasswordOnStaffSwitch key allows you to decide if users need to provide a password each time they change usernames or only the first time after the client is opened.

This is not a default key. It would need to be created in the Administrative Suite and set to No if you do not want a password to be required at each login.







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