Configuring Reasons for Cancellation

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You cancel requests from the Request form in the Aeon Desktop Client. Under the Cancel button is a drop-down box containing a list of Reasons for Cancellation. These Reasons for Cancellation are configured in the Customization Manager in the ReasonsForCancellation table under System | General.

The ReasonsForCancellation Table

The reasons for cancellation that are displayed in the Aeon Desktop Client can be edited, and new reasons can be added, in the Customization Manager. To do so, open the Customization Manager and go to the ReasonsForCancellation table.

The default values:

Reason Number Reason Default Note


Item on exhibit Item is currently on exhibit.
1 Item on loan Item is currently on loan to another institution.
2 Item in preservation Item is currently undergoing preservation treatment.
3 Item in cataloging Item is currently being cataloged.
4 Collection in processing Collection is currently being processed.
5 Item unavailable Item is currently unavailable.
6 User never visited The requester has not come to view the materials.
7 Other  

Adding a Reason for Cancellation

  1. Click the New Record button to open the Edit Row edit box below the table.
  2. Add your new Reason for Cancellation, completing the Reason Number, Reason and Default Note fields, and click the Save button.

Editing a Reason for Cancellation

  1. Click the row for the record that you want to edit to open the Edit Row edit box below the table.
  2. Make edits and changes and click the Save button.

Deleting a Reason for Cancellation

  1. Click the row for the record that you want to delete and click the Delete button.
  2. A confirmation window appears to confirm you want to delete the record and to remind you that the action cannot be undone.
  3. To delete the record, click Yes.

The Reason Number Field in the ReasonsForCancellation Table

Records in the ReasonsForCancellation table should be in numerical order beginning with 0 and proceeding sequentially with no gaps in enumeration. Be sure that the Reason Number field in each table as it is displayed in the Customization Manager reflects the proper order and enumeration. Reasons that are out of order or tables containing numerical gaps can lead to the wrong reasons being applied to transactions as they are canceled or conditionalized.



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