Submitting Requests for Activities

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This page explains how to place requests for Activities from the web interface.


Researchers can submit requests for Activities from the web interface as soon as the Activity has been created in the Aeon Desktop Client.

Researchers must be designated as an Associated User for the Activity in order to submit requests.

Photoduplication requests cannot be submitted for Activities using the Request For field; they must be requested for the user and associated users only.

Requesting Items for Activities

To specify that a request is for an Activity:

  1. Use the Request For dropdown box located on the New Request form.
    Activity requests submitted for processing move to a status of Awaiting Activity Processing.
  2. Activity information and all associated requests can be viewed by selecting Activities on the sidebar menu.
  3. Click on the Transaction Number in the Activities grid to view Activity Information and a list of Activity Requests for the selected Activity.
  4. Click on the request Transaction Number in the Activity Requests grid to view, edit clone or cancel requests.

Additional Locations to View Activities Requests

The Outstanding Requests menu provides quick access to Activities requests awaiting processing.

In addition, the All Requests menu provides details on all requests that have been submitted, kept for review, or cancelled.



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