Storing Layouts

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You can save your customized layouts as XML files and load them or distributed them to other staff in your institution, or even share them with other institutions. The Customization form has a row of icons at the top of the form used for loading and saving layouts (the other two icons are the Undo and Redo action buttons):

  • Load: load layout from XML file.
    • Click the Load icon to open the My Documents file (or other location you have saved your XML files to) and select the file you want to load.
    • Click Open and the page instantly loads to your client.
  • Save: save layout to XML file.
    • Click the Save icon and save the layout as an XML file. The default place to save the file is My Documents.

Saving Client XML Files. If you save or load an XML file, it is only for the one particular form and not the whole client. If you make changes to the Main Page and you think you want to load or sent it to other users, you must save that page as an XML file. When you go to the Request form and make changes there, you'll need to save that XML file as well, if you want to share it with someone else. When you close the client it saves all your changes for the entire client to your username in the StaffLayouts table in the database, but it is not possible to replicate the entire client out amongst users. 


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