Selecting Multiple Records in a Grid

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You can quickly select multiple records in a grid by using the standard Window controls, Ctrl+clickShift+click and Ctrl+A.

  • To select two or more records in the same region (in successive order) use Shift+click. Press and hold the shift button on your keyboard and click the mouse to select the first and last records within the grid.
  • To select two or more random records in the grid, press Ctrl+click. Press and hold the control button on your keyboard and click the mouse to select the records. All records between those two clicks will also be selected.
  • You can select all records by using Ctrl+A.

Sorting By Columns in a Grid

  • To sort records by a column's values and replace existing sort conditions that are applied to the current or other columns, click the target column's header once, and an Up or Down Arrow icon will display within the header. The Up and Down Arrows indicate ascending and descending sort orders respectively.
  • To sort records by a column's values while preserving existing sort conditions, do one of the following:
    • Click a column header while holding the SHIFT key down, until an UP or Down Arrow icon is displayed within the header.
  • Right-click a column header and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the context menu that will appear.
  • To sort multiple columns, click the first column header and then SHIFT-click the second column.
    • To remove sorting by a column, click a column header while holding the CONTROL key down.
    • To reset a multiple column sort to sort by one column, click the column header of the target column.

Placing Ribbon Icons on the Quick Access Toolbar

You can place icons from the ribbons onto the Quick Access Toolbar. This feature works with ribbons on several forms including the Main Page, Request Form, User Form, and Lender Address Form.

  • To place an icon on the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the icon in the ribbon and choose to Add to Quick Access Toolbar.
  • To remove an icon from the Quick Access Toolbar, right-click the icon in the Quick Access Toolbar and choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.



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