Auto-Canceling Lending Requests

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You have the option in the system to automatically cancel imported requests from Blocked Borrowers. This option is based on the symbol of the Borrowing Institution. If more than one site, address, or ILL processing point share the same symbol, ALL of them are either Blocked or not. There is no means to block some addresses for a specific symbol and not others. For OCLC requests, Pending is the only OCLC status to which this applies. All other statuses are unaffected. 

Turning on Auto-Canceling

If LendingBlockedAutoCancel is set to Yes, the ILLiad Connection Manager imports the request, sets the status of the transaction to Cancelled by ILL Staff, and automatically sends a No response via OCLC. No specific Reason for Cancellation will be assigned. If you need to send a specific Reason for Cancellation, you should set the LendingBlockedAutoCancel key to No and cancel these requests manually.

If LendingBlockedAutoCancel is set to No, the ILLiad Connection Manager imports the request and sets the status of the transaction to Awaiting Cancellation Review for the ILL staff to cancel manually.

The LendingBlockedAutoCancel key is found in the ILLiad Customization Manager under Lending | Importing.

  1. Find the LendingBlockedAutoCancel key.
  2. To enable Auto-canceling, select Yes.
  3. Click Save.

Blocking a Library

If you need to block lending requests from a particular library (e.g., a library you have had to auto-cancel before or a library you are unable to service such as international libraries), you can do so by checking the Library Blocked box on the lender's address record. 




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