Required Fields

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Certain ILLiad HTML fields are required on specific ILLiad web pages whether they are visible on the web page or not. These HTML fields and the values they designate are required by the database. If they are not present, errors will result during ILL processing. 

For example, both the NewUserRegistration.html page and the ChangeUserInformation.html page require the NVTGC field, which is designated as the Delivery Location. This field must be present on the page whether your institution offers multiple delivery locations or not.

New User Registration and Change User Information

The following fields are required to be on the NewUserRegistration.html and the ChangeUserInformation.html pages:

Name HTML Field Name Acceptable Values*
Delivery Locations** NVTGC ILL (any current Delivery Location or Shared Server Site code)
Preferred Notification Method NotifyGroup Electronic, Phone, Mail
Preferred Loan Delivery Method LoanDeliveryGroup Hold for Pickup, Mail to Address
Preferred Article Delivery Method DeliveryGroup Hold for Pickup, Mail to Address
Preferred Electronic Delivery WebDeliveryGroup Yes, No

*Acceptable Values are case-sensitive

**A value of "ILL" will be inserted as the NVTGC if the page does not contain this tag. Single-Server ILLiad systems will not need to specify the ILL NVTGC as a hidden field.

The above acceptable values are case sensitive and must be used as spelled. While these fields MUST exist on both the NewUserRegistration.html and ChangeUserInformation.html pages with the appropriate acceptable values, you do have the option of assigning these values to the appropriate fields using hidden fields. All modifications to the NewUserRegistration.html page should also be duplicated on the ChangeUserInformation.html page. This will prevent customers from overwriting values that were assigned at registration when they edit their user records.

Hidden Fields

If you do not want a field to be visible to the customer on the ILLiad web pages, but still need to set a value, you have the option of using a hidden field to insert the value for that field into the database.

Required Hidden Fields on Edit Forms

The Edit forms used in conjunction with the ILLiad request forms (for example, EditLoanRequest.html) require a hidden field for the TransactionNumber to ensure proper submission of the form without errors. When creating or modifying an Edit form, please ensure that the code for the hidden TransactionNumber input is included at the top of the page along with the other hidden field entries:

<input type="hidden" name="TransactionNumber" 
value="<#PARAM name='TransactionNumber'>">

Delivery Location

If you do not wish the Delivery Location/NVTGC field to be visible, you can add the following hidden code to the page. This code should be added toward the top of the page right after the other hidden field entries:

<input type="hidden" name="NVTGC" value="ILL" />

These other hidden fields may be either or both of the following depending on the page being edited:

<input type="hidden" name="ILLiadForm" value="ArticleRequest">
<input type="hidden" name="SessionID" value="<#PARAM name="SessionID">">

This will set the NVTGC value to "ILL" without any visible references on the page. If your NVTGC symbol is anything other than ILL, be sure to change the above code accordingly.

Billing Category

If you use billing for borrowing and you do not include the Billing Category as an editable field on your web pages, you will need to add it to your ChangeUserInformation.html and NewAuthRegistration.html pages as a hidden field. If the hidden field is not included on these forms, each time a user changes personal information, ILLiad will set the Users.BillingCategory field in the database to blank. As a result, the entry in the Billing Category field on the Account tab of the user's record in the client will be overridden with the blank value.

To add the Billing Category to the form as a hidden field, place the following code on the page:

<input type="hidden" name="BillingCategory" value="<#PARAM name=
"BillingCategory">" /> 

It is possible to require that certain fields on the EditAccountInformation.html page be entered by the user, just like with most of the other ILLiad data entry web pages. The only difference is that the FormName value in the WebValidation table should be entered as AddUserAccount rather than EditAccountInformation as this is what the DLL looks for that page. All other WebValidation values for this page behave normally.

Restricted Fields on the Web Request Pages

The following fields in the Transactions table are restricted during request creation in both Borrowing and Lending.

  • BorrowerTN
  • ConnectorErrorStatus
  • CreationDate
  • CreationDate
  • DeliveryMethod
  • DueDate
  • InternalAcctNo
  • InvoiceNumber
  • LenderAddressNumber
  • OdysseyErrorStatus
  • OriginalNVTGC
  • OriginalTN
  • Pages
  • Pieces
  • ProcessType
  • ShippingOptions
  • Site
  • TransactionDate
  • TransactionNumber
  • TransactionStatus
  • Username
  • Web

The WebRequestForm field is restricted during editing.


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