Creating Custom ViewDetailedInformation Forms (v9.0)

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You can customize the list of fields that display under the Transaction Information table on the ViewDetailedInformation form for each of your different document types. This allows you to display relevant information from the specific web forms under the Transaction Information table.

In order to do this, you will need to make minor edits to each of your request forms and your DetailedInformation forms, and you will have to create new ViewDetailedInformation forms for each of your document types because the default ViewDetailedInformation form will no longer work.

As you are creating the forms you will want to experiment with each page to be sure that you are showing relevant information in the list of fields. Be sure that you create a page for all of your document types or the web page will not be able to find the correct HTML file and will display an error or a blank page. After creating the pages, view a request within the ILLiad web pages and see if the correct web page displays for each document type.

Creating New ViewDetailed[DocType]Information Forms

The first thing you will need to do is create new ViewDetailedInformation forms specific to each document type. These forms should be named ViewDetailed[DocType]Information where [DocType] is replaced with the document type of each request form. As stated above, note that you will need to create new forms for all of your default and custom request forms or your forms will not work correctly. You can determine the document type of each of your custom request forms by looking at the value in the DocumentType field of the request form.  This is the same value that you placed in the DocumentType field when creating a new request form. The example used above was Music. The document types for each of the default request forms is shown in the table below. Also included are the menu options shown under the New Request section of the Main Menu on the web.

Default Request Form New Request option shown under Main Menu DocumentType Value
ArticleRequest Photocopy Article
LoanRequest Book Book
BookChapterRequeset Book Chapter BookChapter
ConferencePaperRequest Conference Paper Conference
PatentRequest Patent Patent
ReportRequest Report Report
StandardsDocumentRequest Standards Document Standards
ThesisRequest Thesis Thesis
OtherRequest Other (Free Text) Other

The easiest way to create new ViewDetailed[DocType]Information forms is to copy the original ViewDetailedInformation form, save it as your new form, for example, ViewDetailedVideoInformation, and edit the form as explained below. Remember, you will need to do this for each document type.

  1. Remove the syntax below the  <div id="wrap"> line,up to and including the first </div> under "<#INCLUDE" filename="include_footer.html">

    <title>ILLiad - Transaction <#PARAM name="TransactionNumber"></title>
    <#INCLUDE filename="include_head.html">
    <body id="type-b">
    <div id="wrap">
    	<#INCLUDE filename="include_header.html">
    	<div id="content-wrap">
    	<#INCLUDE filename="include_menu.html">
    	<div id="content">
    		<#MENU name="transaction" separator="|">
    		<div class="default-table">
    			<#TABLE name="DetailedInformation" headerText="Transaction 
    			Information" hideColumnHeaders="true"><br />
    		<div class="default-table">
    			<#TABLE name="NotesInformation" headerText="Notes" noDataAction=
    			"ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Notes" column="NoteDate:
    			Date/Time" column="AddedBy:Added By" column="Note"><br />
    		<div class="default-table">
    			<#TABLE name="TrackingInformation" headerText="Tracking" 
    			noDataAction="ShowMessageRow" noDataMessage="No Tracking" 
    			column="DateTime:Date/Time" column="ChangedTo:Status" column=
    			"ChangedBy:Changed By"><br />
    	<#INCLUDE filename="include_footer.html">
  2. Now, build a new table that displays the information that you want to see listed based on the specific request form. The information in the table will be based on the label values for the fields used in your request form, as opposed to the actual database values. In the example below, Film Title is the label value given to the LoanTitle field, and Release Date is the label value given to the LoanDate field. The label values from the example GenericRequestVideo.html form, as shown below, are placed in the new table on ViewDetailedVideoInformation. Note that this table is our example and you may want to format your table differently.

    <label for="LoanTitle">
    	<span class="field">
    		<span class="req">*</span>
    		<span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORLoanTitle">"><b>Film Title</b>
    		</span><br />
    		<span class="note">Please do not abbreviate unless your citation 
    		is abbreviated</span>
    	<input id="LoanTitle" name="LoanTitle" type="text" size="40" class=
    	"f-name" tabindex="5" value="<#PARAM name="LoanTitle">"><br />
    <label for="LoanDate">
    	<span class="field">
    		<span class="<#ERROR name="ERRORLoanDate">"><b>Release Date</b>
    	<input id="LoanDate" name="LoanDate" type="text" size="40" class=
    	"f-name" tabindex="5" value="<#PARAM name="LoanDate">"><br />
    <div class="default-table">
    <table class="default-table">
    		<tr class="row-header">
    				<th colspan="2">Transaction Information</th>
    		<tr class="row-even">
    				<td>Title of Film</td>
    			<td><#TRANSACTION field="LoanTitle"></td>
    		<tr class="row-odd">
    			<td>Release Date</td>
    			<td><#TRANSACTION field="LoanDate"></td>

Editing the DetailedInformation Forms

The DetailedInformation forms tell ILLiad where to retrieve the information that is shown in the Transaction Information grid. By default, they are set to pull from the ViewDetailedInformation form. You will need to edit the following code so that ILLiad knows to pull from your new custom ViewDetailed[DocType]Information forms.

Replace the default code:    

<div class="default-table">
	<#TABLE name="DetailedInformation" headerText="Transaction Information" 
	hideColumnHeaders="true"><br />

With this code:

<div class="default-table">
	<#INCLUDE type="DetailedDocTypeInformation">

The code should be updated on the following forms in order to display the information correctly on the corresponding web pages:

  • DetailedInformation.html: Outstanding Requests
  • ViewRenewCheckedOutDetailedInformation.html: Checked Out Items
  • ViewResubmitDetailedInformation.html: Cancelled Requests
  • ViewDefaultDetailed.html: All Requests

Editing the Default Request Forms

Add the DocumentType field to all of the default request forms. For example, the DocumentType for a Book request on the LoanRequest.html form is Book. The DocumentType field should have already been added to the custom request forms when you originally created them. Note that you do not need to add this to the Edit version of your request forms.

<input type="hidden" name="DocumentType" value="Book">


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