Modifying the Date Format of Web and Client Calendars

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By default, Aeon formats dates in the Aeon Desktop Client, Aeon Web Client, and Aeon web pages in the US format of mm/dd/yyyy and formats time using a 12-hour clock. The desktop client and web pages also support non-US regional date and time formats, allowing you to display and use dates formatted in region-specific settings, such as dd/mm/yyyy, and times formatted using a 24-hour clock. The format used in the desktop client is based on the settings configured for the computer on which the desktop client application is currently running, while the format used in the web pages must be manually adjusted by altering code in the HTML and JavaScript in the Aeon web page files.

The Aeon Desktop Client, Aeon Web Client, and DLL all use SQL server time whenever they need to reference the current date and time. This synchronization ensures that all components should be consistent.
Note: The timezone used to display date/time information in the Aeon Web Client and web pages is based on the timezone setting configured for the server on which the web client and DLL are installed, while the timezone used in the Aeon Desktop Client is based on the timezone setting for the local machine on which the application is running. Appointment date/time information will be displayed based on the timezone setting for the reading room in the Aeon Customization Manager.


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