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The PHOTOTOGGLE tag is used to display a photoduplication request toggle option on Aeon web request forms. When the photoduplication toggle is enabled in the Aeon Customization Manager using the PhotoduplicationEnabled customization key, the tag will display toggle options allowing the user to choose between submitting either a reading room request or a photoduplication request from the request form. When the photoduplication toggle is not enabled in the Customization Manager, the PHOTOTOGGLE tag will only display the scheduled date or appointment scheduling fields (based on your web page configuration) used to submit a reading room request.

The PHOTOTOGGLE tag is only used by default on the Archival Request form  (ArchivalRequest.html) but can be configured on other request forms such as the EAD Request form (EADRequest.html).
For more information on configuring the PHOTOTOGGLE tag, including how to customize the content displayed by the tag, see Implementing a Photoduplication Toggle Option on Request Forms.


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