Implementing 9.2 Web Page Release Changes

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The release of ILLiad 9.2 comes with several changes to the default web pages. To implement these changes, you can either:

  • Download the 9.2 web pages and replace your existing pages.
  • If you have customizations, find and replace the following code changes mentioned below. Any code highlighted in yellow needs to be removed and any code highlighted in blue needs to be added. 
Note: The ILLiad 9.2 default web pages also include all changes made in the 9.1 default web page point releases. Please review the Implementing the 9.1 Web Page Release Changes article and make any outstanding changes as necessary to ensure that your web pages are up to date.
If you have any questions, would like to request a copy of your web pages to implement these changes, or require Concierge Services when implementing the new web pages, please contact support at

9.2 Release

Change "display" Attribute to "displayStyle" 

Change "display" Attribute to "displayStyle"

To fix an issue where transaction notes display the incorrect date and time on the web, the "display" attribute was changed to "displayStyle" on the following web pages:

  • Lending/templates/DataRow_DefaultNote.html (line 4)
  • Lending/templates/DataRow_DefaultRequest.html (line 45)
  • templates/DataRow_CheckedOutItems.html (line 54)
  • templates/DataRow_DefaultNote.html (line 4)
  • templates/DataRow_DefaultRequest.html (line 54)
  • templates/DataRow_ElectronicDelivery.html (line 51)
  • templates/DataRow_ElectronicDeliveryUndelete.html (line 47)
The 'display' attribute is still currently supported in the 9.2 web pages, but the new 'displayStyle' attribute is preferred for optimal performance and to ensure compatibility with new functionality in future updates.

To implement this change, please overwrite the files listed above with the new default files or make the change on each page manually following the example below:


Change this:

<span class="convert-local" data-iso8601=
"<#DATAROW field='TransactionDate'
<#DATAROW field='TransactionDate'></span>

To this:

<span class="convert-local" data-iso8601=
"<#DATAROW field='TransactionDate'
<#DATAROW field='TransactionDate'></span>


If this article didn’t resolve your issue, please contact Atlas Support for assistance:

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