Ares Auto-Updater

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As of Ares 5.0, the Ares Client will now check to see if a newer version of the Client is available, download, and install the update. 

The auto-updater will NOT prompt an automatic update for the Ares 5.0.0 client because the feature is installed during the 5.0 release; however, any subsequent major and point releases will utilize this feature. 

For Aeon and ILLiad users, the update process for Ares will now operate similarly to the auto-updater for these products.   

Update Process         

  1. Ares will automatically check the Atlas Update Server to see if a newer version of the client is available.
    • Only updates applicable to the current server version will display as available even if a newer version has been released. 
      • For example, if you're on version 5.0, only version 5.0.x will show as available even if there is a later version of the client publicly available. You would need to update the server to the latest version before the updater would prompt a the client update. 
    • The AtlasServerRepositoryUrl key determines the default location used for checking available updates in the Atlas Update Server URL. The key value should only be changed for sites that are beta testing new releases or for those for whom we've created a specific point release.   
  2. If an update is available, the client will display an update prompt. 
    • If Ares finds an available update, it will also determine if that update is required to connect to the server.
      • For example, if your Ares server is on 5.1 but your Client is Ares 5.0, an update is required before you can continue using the Client. If the update is required but the user does not want to update at that moment, the Client will simply exit. 
    • If the update is optional, then the Client will continue with normal operations if the user declines to update at that moment.       
      • For example, a minor update within the same major version such as Ares 5.0.0 to 5.0.1.
  3. If the user clicks yes to the update prompt, the installer will download from the server and execute the update process.
In some cases, a Client update may be required even if the server update was minor. This doesn't usually happen because we prefer to avoid database changes outside of major updates, but occasionally we've been forced to do so to address a bug and the auto-update functionality allows for us to specify when a Client update is required even if it's within the same major version.


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