Adding or Removing Fields on Forms

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You can customize the Item and User forms to include additional hidden information that is not included by default. You may also remove fields you do not need. Customized forms are saved to your Ares client user account, which allows staff users to have separate customizations.

Adding a Field to a Form

  1. Right-click on any header on the form. A few options will appear.
  2. Select Customize Layout. The Customization window will open.
  3. All fields that are still available to add to the form will display in alphabetical order.
  4. To add a field to the form, click on the field you want to add and drag it to the applicable location.
  5. As you are dragging the field, black lines will indicate how the field will display when you release it.
  6. When you are satisfied with the placement, close the Customization window to save the changes.

Removing a Field from a Form

  1. Right-click on any header on the form. A few options will appear.
  2. Select Customize Layout. The Customization window will open.
  3. Click on the field on the form you want to remove, and drag it into the Customization window.
  4. An X will appear. Release your click.
  5. The field will no longer show on the form and will display in the list of hidden items in the Customization window.

Restoring the Default Layout

  1. Right-click on any header in the form. Some options will appear.
  2. Select the Restore Default Layout option.
  3. A warning prompt will ask if you want to proceed.
  4. Any customization to the layout of the form will be removed

Restoring the Default Layout will remove all customizations made to the form.

Additional Fields Available

The following fields are available to add to the Item or User forms but are not included by default.

Item Form

  • Course Code
  • Course Default Pickup Site
  • Course Department
  • Course Description
  • Course Displayed Instructor(s)
  • Course End Date
  • Course Estimated Enrollment
  • Course External ID
  • Course ID
  • Course Max Copyright Cost
  • Course Name
  • Course Number
  • Course Password
  • Course Registered Users
  • Course Registrar ID
  • Course Start Date
  • Course URL
  • Instructor Tags
  • Item Info 1
  • Item Info 2
  • Item Info 3
  • Item Info 4
  • Item Info 5
  • List Item ID
  • Media Expiration Date (Ares v5.0.9 or later)
  • Semester Name
  • Usage Count

User Form

  • User Info 1
  • User Info 2
  • User Info 3
  • User Info 4
  • User Info 5


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