Adjusting Columns

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You can adjust columns in grids in several ways in Ares. You can manually resize as well as add and delete columns, use the Best Fit command, and use the Column Chooser.

Adjusting Column Margins

You can adjust the margins of columns in the Ares client by dragging them manually or by using the Best Fit command.

  1. Along the column header, point to the border right of the column to be adjusted.
  2. When the pointer turns into a double-arrow, click and drag the column separator to the appropriate size.
  3. For a narrower column, drag left; for a wider column, drag right.
  4. The selected column adjusts to display the full contents of the column.

Best Fit Option

Use the Best Fit command in the Customization Tool to adjust individual column margins.

  1. To best fit one column, right click on the column header and select Best Fit. The selected column will adjust to display the full contents of the column.
  2. To best fit the entire gird, right click on any column header and select Best Fit (all columns). All columns in the grid will adjust to display their full contents.

If the amount of data in the column exceeds the maximum width of the grid, the Best Fit command may not display the entire contents of the columns.

Removing and Restoring Columns

You can customize your grids by adding and removing columns in the grid layout.

  1. To remove a column, right-click on the header of the column you want to delete and select Remove this Column. The selected column will be removed.
  2. To remove all columns, right-click on any column header and select Clear Columns. The Field Chooser box will display in the lower right corner. Any columns can be restored to the grid by dragging them from the box.
  3. To return any deleted columns to the grid, right-click on any column header and select Reset to Default View. The grid will be returned to its default status.

Using the Column Chooser

The Column Chooser displays a customization box containing any column headings (fields) not currently displayed in the grid. These columns may be dragged back into the display grid.

  1. To open the Column Choose, right-click on any column header and select Column Chooser. The Customization box will open on the right.
  2. To add a column to the Column Chooser (which will remove it from the main grid), select the column and drag it into the Column Chooser box.


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