Field Length Validation

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The Aeon DLL automatically provides field length validation on submitted forms. When submitting user or request information, the submitted values are evaluated against their respective field sizes. Form validation will fail if any of the submitted values exceed their field's length. This field length validation occurs in addition to typical web validation.

The SLInvalidFieldLength customization key determines what status line will appear if submitted values fail field validation. This key has a default value of "The <#FIELDNAME> field has a limit of <#FIELDLENGTH> characters." Available tags for this status line are:

  • <#FIELDNAME> - The name of the field being submitted
  • <#FIELDLENGTH> - The maximum number of characters that field supports
  • <#VALUELENGTH> - The length of the value submitted for that field

The values for the name and value attributes are not case-sensitive. This feature can be disabled on a case-by-case basis by submitting an optional parameter named "SkipFieldLengthValidation."

<input type="hidden" name="SkipFieldLengthValidation" value="yes">

To disable this feature on an EAD request page use this code instead:

<input type="hidden" ID="SkipFieldLengthValidation" name=
"FormDataField" value="Yes">




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