Editing EADRequest Pages

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Because the EADRequest.html pages use javascript to pare down the request information before trying to submit it to the DLL, the fields in these request forms are different than in the default request pages.

Field Formats

The format needs to be:

<select id="RequestLink" name="FormDataField" size="1" class="f-name" 
<input type="hidden" ID="RequestType" name="FormDataField" value="Loan">

instead of:

<select id="RequestLink" name="RequestLink" size="1" class="f-name" 
<input type="hidden" name="RequestType" value="Loan">

Note that the Name is FormDataField for all of the EAD items.

Required Fields

For the same reason, spans for required fields need IDs as well. Without these, the text for those fields won't turn red.

<span id="ERRORRequestLink" class="<#ERROR name="ERRORRequestLink">"><b>Request 


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