Configuring WebValidation for Photoduplication Toggle Fields Using FormValidationOverride

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The FormValidationOverride input is used when configuring WebValidation table entries for fields controlled by a photoduplication toggle on web request forms. When a photoduplication toggle has been added to a request form using the <#PHOTOTOGGLE> tag and enabled using the PhotoduplicationEnabled customization key in the Aeon Customization Manager, the FormValidationOverride hidden input must be manually added to the include_photodup_toggle_enabled.html file in the format below to specify the Rule Set in the WebValidation table that should be used to enforce web validation for the fields controlled by each photoduplication toggle option:

<input type="hidden" name="FormValidationOverride" value="ValidationRuleSetName">

For detailed instructions on configuring the FormValidationOverride hidden input to enforce web validation for fields displayed by the photoduplication toggle options, see Enforcing Field Validation for Fields Displayed by the <#PHOTOTOGGLE> Tag.


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