Odyssey Manager Log

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Clicking on Odyssey Manager in the System Group opens the Odyssey Manager form, which displays the actions of the ILLiad Odyssey Manager for the specified time frame. This is used primarily to track and troubleshoot problems with Odyssey Manager. From the Odyssey Manager form, you can check the Odyssey Manager Log, Transaction Errors, and the current status of the Odyssey Manager. Open the form by clicking on Odyssey Manager in the System Group on the Main Page, as described above. The Odyssey Manager form displays, showing a System Information ribbon and two tabs: Transactions and Log.

Odyssey Manager Details

Odyssey Manager Details, in the top left corner of the System Information ribbon, displays the start time, the last time the Odyssey Manager ran, and the next scheduled run time.

Odyssey Manager Log

ILLiad 9.2: As of ILLiad v9.2, new Odyssey Manager log entries no longer display in the ILLiad Client and instead are written to the file path specified in the OdysseyManager.log4d.props configuration file (default location C:\illiad\Odyssey). The default location for the Odyssey Manager log is C:\illiad\Logs\Odyssey.log. This file will show details of past Odyssey Manager sessions and alert you to any errors that have been returned in the course of normal use.

ILLiad 9.1: The Log tab shows details of past Odyssey Manager sessions and alerts you to any errors that have been returned in the course of normal use. In the upper left corner of the Odyssey Manager form is a refresh button that will allow you to update session information without closing and reopening the form. This is useful if you are monitoring Odyssey Manager functions as it is running.

Odyssey Manager Transactions

The Transactions tab provides details of the errors that have been returned; the ILLiad Transaction Number appears in the error details, and the transaction can be opened from this grid by double-clicking the transaction row. You access the transaction Request form related to the error from the Transactions Tab. The Transactions grid shows all fields from the Transactions and Users tables as well as the LenderAddresses table so that sites can easily see Odyssey address and version and Ariel information.

Dealing with Odyssey Manager Errors

Identify the Error

Odyssey Manager Errors generated by a failed attempt to deliver an electronic document will display by Process Type and Error Category in the Transactions grid. The majority of Odyssey Manager errors will be related to email and email permissions. In these cases, you may need to correct an email address or alter the email permissions and/or privileges attached to the email address used for Odyssey. The ILLiad Transaction Number for the transaction is displayed in the lefthand column.

Manually Sending/Resending an Electronic Delivery Notification

If there is a need to do so, you can send or resend the Odyssey Electronic Delivery notification email for a transaction. Double-click on the request in the Transactions grid to open the Request form and select Send Delivery Notification from the Process menu.

Clearing Odyssey Manager Error Statuses

Clearing an Entire Error Status

To clear all Odyssey Manager Errors associated a specific error message, click on the error type to be cleared and choose the Clear Selected Errors icon from the System Information ribbon. This will clear the selected error category and all associated transactions. When all errors are cleared, the red stop sign icon on the Odyssey Manager tab will no longer be visible.

Clearing Transaction-Specific Odyssey Manager Errors

There are two ways to clear Transaction-Specific Errors. These methods will clear the error for ONLY that specific transaction.

  1. Select the specific Odyssey Manager Error you want to delete in the Transactions Log and click the Clear Selected Errors icon on the System Information Ribbon.
  2. Double-click on an Odyssey Manager Error in the Transactions Log to bring up the Request form for the transaction. From the ILLiad Request Form, after dealing with the error for that specific transaction, select Odyssey Manager Error from the Error Clearing group of the Manage Errors Ribbon.



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