ILLiad DLL Log


To enable logging in the ILLiad DLL, you can download the sample file or create a file with the text below. This file needs to be saved as log4d.props on the web server in the same directory where the illiad.dll is running (usually C:\inetpub\wwwroot\illiad).

To disable logging in the ILLiad DLL, rename the log4d.props file to something else (i.e. disable-log4d.props). If the DLL cannot find that file, it will not log any actions.

DLL Logging should only be enabled to aid in the diagnosis of a problem because the log files tend to get large quickly.

The text of the log4d.props file should be:

#---- begin log4d.props ----


# root priority - valid values are 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARN', 'ERROR', 'FATAL'

# root appender
log4d.appender.ROOT.layout.dateFormat=yyyy-mm-dd hh:MM:ss,zzz
log4d.appender.ROOT.layout.pattern=%d [%p] %c %t - %m%n
#---- end log4d.props ----

Download the sample log4d.props file at the bottom of the page.


The DLL will now log to a file called c:\illiad\dll\ILLiadDLL.log. This can be edited to another name or location. If you have multiple web folders (shared server or using test web), you can make a different log4d.props file in each web folder that points to another file name for that log. You may need to change the permissions on the c:\illiad\dll directory (to allow the Internet Guest Account (IUSR_ILLIAD or similar) to create and write to a file. That file may not allow you to open it while the dll is still running. You may need to stop and restart the web server to open the file.


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