Outgoing Notifications Log

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The log of outgoing, pending, and failed emails and SMS messages are viewed from the System group. A note with the reason for failure is displayed. All failed notifications can be corrected and resent or simply cancelled. You can work with one notification at a time or select several in the grid.

Resending Notifications

Before resending a notification, check to see why it did not go through. If the email address was incorrect or formatted incorrectly, you will need to open the user's record and fix the mistake in the email address field.

  1. To resend one email from the list, select the email to resend and click Resend Notification.
  2. A popup box will ask you if you want to edit the email before sending.
  3. To edit, click Yes and edit the email, then click Send.
  4. To skip editing, click No and the email will be sent.
  5. To resend all emails in the list, click Resend All Notifications.

Canceling Notifications

To cancel sending a notification:

  1. Click on the notification that you want to cancel sending.
  2. Click Cancel Notification.
  3. A popup will ask you if you want to cancel the email.
  4. To cancel, click Yes.
  5. The request will disappear from the list.


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