Responding to Renewal Requests

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Upon importing, ILLiad will attempt to match any downloaded Renewal Request records with transactions already in the system. Once in ILLiad, Renewal requests are automatically set to a status of Awaiting Renewal Request Processing.

For details about downloading various types of Lending Requests (including Renewal Requests) see Downloading and Importing Lending Requests.

Processing Renewal Requests

  1. In the Lending module, double-click and open the Awaiting Renewal Request Processing queue.
  2. Double-click on a transaction to pull up an individual transaction record and determine whether to allow or deny a renewal.
  3. If you choose not to renew the item, click No in the Renewals group of the Lending Processing Ribbon. The transaction status will return to Item Shipped.
  4. If you choose to renew the item, you can choose either Yes or Yes with Due Date. The transaction status will return to Item Shipped.
    • Choose Yes if you want to choose your own due date. Change the Due Date in the Due Date field on the request form, save your change, and click Yes.
    • Choose Yes with Due Date if you want to use the date calculated from your Customization Manager setting for RenewalDateDays and the initial Due Date of the transaction.



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