Resending Overdue Notices

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Overdue notices that have been emailed can be manually resent by setting up specific email routing rules and choosing the rule using the Send E-mail button on the Lending Overdues ribbon. The email template for the rule that you have chosen, merged with item specific data, will appear. You can make changes to the text before sending. Once you've made the necessary changes, choose Send to send the email. Note that manually resending emails does not modify the LastOverdueNoticeSent value.

Formatting the Email Routing Rule

The value of the FileNameLoan and FileNameArticle fields in the rule should be set to the name of the email template (LendingOverdueReminder, LendingOverdue1, etc.). The DefaultSubject should match the customization key for the associated processing type (LendingOverdueReminderEMailSubject, LendingOverdue1EMailSubject, etc.).


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