Blocking on Overdues

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Patrons can be blocked specifically for overdue items, and this block will be lifted once the overdue items are returned. This is done automatically by the System Manager (if you have set patrons to be blocked on the third overdue) and requires no manual work.

  • The cleared value for overdue blocks is BO. This block will be removed once overdue items are returned.
  • The cleared value for manual blocks (as described in Blocking Users) is B. This kind of block will not be removed unless a staff user manually removes the block.

The manual block (B) has precedence over an overdue block (BO). If a user already has a manual block on their account, block on third overdue will not update it to BO since the user is blocked for other reasons already.

Viewing Block Type

There are two ways you can tell which kind of block is on a user's account:

  1. Hover over the Blocked button on the User form. This will say either Overdue Block or Manual Block. If the user has an overdue block, you will be warned before proceeding to clear the user.
  2. In a User search grid, the cleared values can be seen under the Cleared column.

Blocking on Third Overdue

Patrons can be blocked manually within the Client by navigating to the patron's user record and enabling the Blocked button or by configuring the Customization Manager for Overdues. You can choose to block patrons whenever they receive a level three overdue message using the BorrowingBlockOnThirdOverdue key. If this key is set to Yes, patrons will be blocked on the third overdue and their cleared status will be set to BO in the system (as opposed to simply B for manual blocks). Once overdue items are returned, the block will be removed.

  1. Open the ILLiad Customization Manager and navigate to Borrowing | Overdues | BorrowingBlockOnThirdOverdue.
  2. Change the value to Yes (by default it is marked as Yes).
  3. Click Save.


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